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Mazatrol is the most intuitive Windows based CAM programming software to date. Mazatrol is extremely easy to use and does what it says on the tin - it creates your Mazatrol programs using simple drag and drop. Features Mazatrol will work with your Mazak control system - Mazak, Smooth, Matrix, Integrex, e-Machine, Multiplex, Nexus, Smart, Legacy Controls. Optimise your programming time and reduce programming costs. Mazatrol is a Mazak certified CAM software, so you can choose Mazak certified Mazatrol programmers. Intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface). Works on all Mazak control systems. Create your Mazatrol programs using drag and drop - no programming knowledge required. Utilise Mazak legacy control codes. Mazak certified Mazatrol programmers for Mazak machines. Extensive Mazak catalogues. Create Mazatrol programs from Mazak control systems, Mazak self-diagnostic tools, Mazak control modules. Can use Mazak certified Mazatrol programmers. Programming with Mazatrol is easy and fast. Mazatrol is built in Mazak DDS language and supports most of Mazak control systems. Mazatrol can be used with Mazak legacy codes (years old) and may no longer be developed by Mazak. How to Use 1. Select the Mazak control system for which you wish to create Mazatrol programs. 2. Choose Mazak certified Mazatrol programmer or select Mazak legacy codes. 3. The Mazatrol software will automatically detect Mazak control system and will start to search for Mazak control modules and/or Mazak self diagnostic tool. 4. When found, Mazatrol will ask you to select Mazak control system from a list. 5. Mazatrol will start to create Mazatrol programs. 6. When finished, Mazatrol will display a screen with information about your Mazatrol program. 7. In order to run the Mazatrol program, you must first close Mazatrol software. 8. Now, you must open Mazatrol program and press a key on Mazak control system to execute the program. Mazak certified Mazatrol programmers are created using Mazak DDS programming language. Programmers are certified Maz





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Download Mazacam .torrent jaycha

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